Old Glory

Recently, the Mt Evans Venturing Crew sponsored a Flag Retirement for the local cub scouts from Georgetown. The event started with a US Flag History presentation to include showing 8 flags that have flown over our country, up to and including the current Old Glory.

This event was a great community activity as the cub scouts and neighbors were all involved in a demonstration put on by Mt. Evans students on the proper way to pay respect and disassemble a flag for retirement.  This event consisted of cutting the flag into separate pieces.  The red and white stripes were separated while the blue field of stars remained intact.  The reason the star field is not cut during a retirement ceremony is because it represents the unity of the states, which should never be broken.  Once the flag was disassembled, the pieces were burned with dignity, as specified by the US Flag Code.

Overall, this event was a great experience for everyone involved.  And, as a token of their participation in the event, each scout was presented a grommet from a flag.