Commemorate National POW/MIA Day

The Mt. Evans Q-House partnered with the Ralph Wilkins American Legion Post in Idaho Springs to commemorate National POW/MIA Recognition Day.  POW/MIA Recognition Day is a time for the nation to honor those service members who endured captivity and whose remains have yet to be recovered, serving as a stark reminder of the risks and sacrifices that American service members and their families make every day.

A relatively small number of people now volunteer to shoulder the burden of serving in the armed forces. It is therefore imperative that the nation strives to acknowledge that service and sacrifice; that we pay our respects to the fallen, and that we meet our sacred responsibility to care for the wounded.  On September 21st, the Mt. Evans Q-House honored five local families who have a direct connection to this day.

During the recognition ceremony, guests were brought to the front table to light a candle and place a picture of their relative next to it.  Guests also shared relatives’ stories as members of the armed forces.  One woman told the group about her husband, who was shot down in Korea in 1951 and is still listed as missing in action.  One gentleman shared a story of his uncle who was shot down in WWII and treaded water for almost 24 hours, keeping his friend alive until they were taken prisoners of war.  Another gentleman shared a story of his father who was held prisoner of war for nine months in a German camp before he was free.  It was an amazing evening of stories, tears and of a community coming together to learn a little bit more about their neighbors.

Though less than 1 percent of the nation serves in the military, 100 percent can help. To see how you can best support those who serve, please visit