Giving Back to the Community

Points of Light, an organization dedicated to volunteer service and inspiring people to make a difference, recently honored the students and staff of the Mount Evans Qualifying House (Q-House) for their efforts in giving back to the community. The Daily Point of Light Award honors individuals and groups creating meaningful change in communities across America. Nominated for the award in late 2011, the Q-House received notification of the award and a certificate signed by President George H.W. Bush last week. The Q-House was the 4,662nd honoree from Points of Light and the students and staff were recognized as respectful, resourceful, creative, effective, realistic and empathetic.
For years, the Q-House students have donated their time to helping neighbors in need. “The Q-House’s service continuously goes above and beyond our expectations in Clear Creek County,” said Tim Mauch, Chairman for the Board of County Commissioners, “I can’t express how much we appreciate having you in our community.” From recognizing and supporting veterans to assisting at animal shelters, the young men residing at the Q-House have been integrated in to the Idaho Springs community. They are regularly called on for assistance and have been recognized for contributing to the quality of life for residents. A neighbor of the Q-House thanked the staff and students for their “willingness, discipline in a firm and positive structure, and the unconditional love that [they] show.” The award is “a beautiful honor and is well deserved by [Program Director] Troy Erickson, the Q-House and Rite of Passage.”