The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is the fund-raising committee of the School Board of Ridge View Academy, a high performing Denver Public Schools (DPS) charter school serving young men. This charter includes the academic program at the Betty K. Marler Youth Services Center, a program for young women located on the campus of the Mt. View Correctional Facility. The mission of the CAB is to enhance the success of Colorado youth through the development of organizational relationships, establishment of mutually beneficial business partnerships and increased community awareness.

President                         Doug MacCarthy

Treasurer, Acting             Robert Sutherland

Transition Committee        Pat Kirk, Ed Greivel

Education Accountability      Julie DeNicola


Ridge View Youth Services Center (RVYSC), built in 2001 by the State of Colorado as an open campus with the capacity to serve 500 youths, is a model for a new concept in the delivery and treatment of adjudicated juveniles. RVYSC is operated, under contract with the State, by Rite of Passage (ROP).  Ridge View Academy is the high performing, alternative DPS charter school that is located on the campus of RVYSC.  Ridge View Academy has a volunteer School Board that provides financial oversight and education program guidance.  Founding members of the CAB, as proposed by ROP to the State, were area Home Owners’ Associations representing concerned neighbors living adjacent to the rural campus.

The School Board and the CAB, recognizing that they had several goals in common, pooled their efforts as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit to expand the resources available to the youth they were serving. Today, the CAB serves as a community champion for Ridge View Academy and the Betty K. Marler Center.  Members of the CAB provide their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge and perspectives; their connections to local, national and international resources, colleagues and peers; their philanthropic support and their time and energy on specific projects of the CAB.

Supported by the efforts of a dedicated group of fund-raisers, the Transition Committee administers the Roger Allott Memorial Fund, named after inspirational community leader, Roger Allott.  Mr. Allott was a 30 year Chief Deputy Prosecutor with the 18th Judicial District, who also served as the first Solicitor General in the Colorado Attorney General’s office and as Executive Director of the Colorado District Attorney’s Council.  Mr. Allott, a long time member of the CAB until his passing in 2009, left a legacy of accomplishments that include the successful launch of the Robotics Program, the mentoring program with Friends for Youth, the Student Transition Fund which now bears his name, and legislation that opened the door for youth to seek military enlistment upon leaving ROP programs.


This is a sample of the projects and program offerings at Ridge View Academy and the Betty K. Marler Center that the CAB is proud to support:

Vocational Programs

Barbering, Bicycle Build/Repair, Construction Trades, Culinary Arts, Horticulture, Automotive Maintenance, Welding

Community Service Projects

Praying Hands Ranch, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Hospital, Sertoma Club, Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Denver Dumb Friends League, Points of Light, Clear Creek Board of Commissioners and Jefferson County Action Center, VA Hospital, Reef Project/Denver Art Museum, Knitting Program

    • Special Programs

Robotics Program, JROTC, Student Employment

    • Transition Program

Provides financial assistance to program alumni for critical expenses that might prevent a successful transition back into the community.

    • Scholarships

Contributes to the Passageway Scholarship Foundation.


    • Advocacy
    • Corporate Sponsorships
    • Donations
    • Fund-raising Activities – Annual Golf Classic, Gala Events, Entertainment Coupon Book Sales
    • Tours
    • Transition Programs


The membership of the CAB is composed of citizens of diverse professional backgrounds in business and juvenile justice.  We encourage you to support these top-rated and proven programs that assist young men and women in fulfilling their potential.  As a member of the CAB, you have ample opportunities to contribute through active participation on a variety of committees, supporting fund-raising programs, sourcing employment opportunities for and advocating on behalf of juvenile youth.

    • If you would like to learn more, arrange a tour of the facility, and to offer your time, skills and/or funds to support the mission of the CAB, please contact Michelle Stefancic at  (303) 766-3000.
    • If you would like the flexibility to participate in specific fund-raising activities, we are a member of Metro Volunteers, a non-profit dedicated to bringing volunteers and non-profits together on a one-time or continuing basis.  Please contact Michelle Stefancic at  (303) 766-3000. or visit the link below.