Thanks to Staff and Students of the Mt. Evans Qualifying House

The Clear Creek County Board of Commissioners held a special luncheon to publicly recognize and thank the staff and students of the Mt. Evans Qualifying House for their dedication and support to the community.  Commissioner Tim Mauck referred to the students in the program as the “Clear Creek County Special Ops Team,” who have consistently responded to several emergencies and requests for assistance.  Comments regarding how much the team has given of themselves were made by the Department of Human Services, Sheriff’s Office, Juvenile Community Review Board and Emergency Management.  As the Board of County Commissioners recalled the emotional and passionate debates on opening this program, several people stated that giving the students of the Mt. Evan’s Q-House a chance was one of the best decisions ever made by the Commissioners.

Following the luncheon and awards ceremony, Q-House students, staff and several other attendees were treated to a special historical program on local cemeteries where they were educated on the meaning behind the symbols and designs of tombstones, fences, etc.  They were also given a private tour of the Hotel De Paris.

As a personal token of appreciation, the Commissioners presented each student with a certificate and a special made coin. One side of the coin showed the ROP logo, and the other the Seal of Clear Creek County.

Student Jesus D. expressed his appreciation by sharing his personal story. He talked about a decision to find an apartment and stay in Idaho Springs.  He also expressed his interest in running for public office and entered into a conversation with the Board of County Commissioners on what the community could do to benefit young people.

As the Mt. Evans team reflected on shared memories, it became evident how much the Q-House and Clear Creek community are connected.  Commissioners and agency leaders remarked on how the students have built a foundation of respect and character, and charged our young men to ‘Carry the Torch” forward and be proud of their hard work and opportunity for success.

Our Team is proud to be a part of Clear Creek County and to be considered an integral part of the wonderful people who call this home!!