About Us

The Colorado Qualifying House (Q-House) is a residential home for up to 15 young men between the ages of 17 and 20, who have generally completed their education and need support services and guidance as they enter the world of work.

The Q-House helps youth practice their life skills and realize their goals as they transition from structured residential care into the community.


Q-House Services

• Utilizes a strengths-based approach and rich youth-to-staff ratio, using highly trained and experienced staff to connect with youth

• Located in scenic Mt. Evans, the Q-House provides youth a family environment and a variety of outdoor activities including skiing, snowboarding, geocaching and fishing

• Has been recognized by community leaders, neighbors and employers as a valuable program in the community

• Focuses on work and service projects that promote positive work ethic and pro-social values

• Provides preparation for the final stages of the GED exam and online college opportunities